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Where to Get Free Jailbreak App after Jailbreaking iPhone 4 4.3.3?

Hi, I’m a first time jailbreaker and I am glad that I got my iPhone 4 4.3.3 jailbroken with JailbreakMe 3.0. And after jailbreaking, I got this app called Cydia and started downloading some apps. I have downloaded and installed Winterboard as well as couple of other apps. Now, thought that I will be able to download free apps for my iPhone after jailbreaking it? And is Winterboard just for themes?

Asked by: Janus from Big Island, Hawaii

Hello Janus, basically, jailbreaking allows you to do anything you want to your device. Aside from unlocking the iPhone from its official mobile phone carrier, most users jailbroke their iOS device in order to be able to access and download some unsanctioned jailbreak apps that can be downloaded only in Cydia store, which of the alternative App Store for jailbroken iOS devices. And just like Apple’s iTunes App Store, Cydia is a huge business, where developers who got rejected by Apple will be able to showcase their wares through Cydia. And of course, just like those developer those developers in iTunes App Store, Cydia app developers also deserve to be paid for their hard work.

Winterboard was specially developed for modifying the boring User Interface of the iOS device. Meaning, with Winterboard, you will be able to customize almost all aspects of the iOS, from themes, icons, folders, sounds, etc… Regarding free apps, there are large numbers of apps in Cydia that can be downloaded for free. Additionally, you can also download and install iTunes’ crack apps for free. You can these posts to know more about Installous and crack apps:

How ro Get Free Jailbreak Apps
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