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What is the Best Winterboard Alternative Available in Cydia?

Hi, I have uninstalled Winterboard app on my jailbroken iPhone 4 last month after installing some themes and other icon customization apps because Winterboard app caused my iPhone some serious lag issues. Can you guys recommend me some Winterboard alternatives?

Asked by: Joel from Jackson, Mississippi

Hello Joel. First, I would like to say that Winterboard is definitely one of the best theming  /  customizations app available in Cydia Store so far. And there are very few reports and complains regarding Winterboard app as the app is being updated regularly. Anyway, there’s a huge possibility that Winterboard conflicts with other jailbreak apps or Cydia tweaks that you have installed. Do you use SBSettings and Quickgold app? These two apps will drastically make your device super slow.

Well, there are numerous awesome alternatives for Winterboard app available in Cydia Store. But I would recommend you to download and install an awesome Winterboard alternative called Dreamboard app. In addition, unlike Winterboard, Dreamboard app gives you the ability to switch between themes without having to respring or reboot your iPhone. And with Dreamboard you aren’t gonna need to download and install extra jailbreak apps or addons to customize the boring User Interface of the iOS as Dreamboard app is offering a fully integrated UI customizations. You can even install a themes to make your UI look exactly like with Windows Phone 7  or an Android phone. You can head on over to Cydia and try it for yourself. DreamBoard app is available via the ModMyi repo. You can also check some of the links posted below:

Best Winterboard Alternative

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