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Transfer Contacts From Nokia N97 to Jailbroken iPhone 3GS

Hi to all, I paid a technician to jailbreak and unlock my iPhone 3GS on iOS 5. He said, as it is a software unlock, so I should avoid updating its firmware to keep the device jailbroken and unlocked. Anyway, I am thinking to use my old T-Mobile SIM card on my iPhone 3GS. However, I am not sure how to transfer all of my contacts to the iPhone. All of my contacts are stored on my Nokia N97 and transferring them one by one will definitely take a lot of time as I have hundreds of contacts. Please help. Thanks.

Asked by: Gabriel from Norman, Oklahoma

Hello Norman, there are two methods to achieve this. The first method involves copying phone contacts to SIM card. The other one, which is quite complicated, requires some applications such as Nokia PC Suite, Microsoft Outlook, and iTunes. Anyway, I would recommend you to perform the first method. To do so, you can check the tutorial posted below:

Step 1: Insert the T-Mobile SIM card that you want to use with your jailbroken iPhone 3GS into your Nokia N97.

Step 2: On your Nokia phone, once fully loaded, navigate to Menu -> Contacts -> Options -> Copy -> All Contacts -> Keep Original. In this way you can copy all of your Contacts stored on your Nokia mobile into your SIM card.

Step 3: Remove the SIM card onto your Nokia Mobile once it is finished copying and then insert this SIM card into your iPhone.

Step 4: Then on your iPhone, navigate to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Import SIM Contacts.

That’s it! Also, make sure that you have activated your iPhone using iTunes. You can activate it using your AT&T SIM card or via SAM app. You can check this blog post on how to activate an iPhone using SAM. Good luck!

How to Transfer Phone Contacts to iPhone

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