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How to Sync iMessage Between iPhone 4 & iPod Touch 3G?

Hello! I have a question about using iMessage across multiple iOS devices. Is there a way to sync my iMessage app between my iPhone 4 and my old iPod Touch 3G? Is this possible? Are there any tweak or app for this to achieve? Thanks a lot!

Asked by: Mitchie from Garden City, Idaho

Hello Mitchie! Yes, this process is possible and there’s no need for any Cydia tweak or jailbreak app in order to achieve this. All you need is an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 5 and an Apple ID. Anyway, you can check the step-by-step guide posted below on how to activate and sync iMessage on iPhone 4 to other iOS devices.

Step 1: First, set up iMessage on your iPhone. To do that, all you have to do is Launch Settings app on the Springboard of your jailbroken iOS device and then tap on Messages (Jump to Step 3 if you have already set up iMessage on your iOS device).

Step 2: Then toggle the ON / OFF switch next to iMessage to ON.

Step 3: Go back to Settings and the select Messages.

Step 4: Then scroll down and tap on Receive At

Step 5: At the lower part of the iMessage account screen, tap on Caller ID.

Step 6: To sync iMessage on multiple iOS devices you have to add Apple ID as your caller ID.

Step 7: Repeat the entire process to your other iOS devices.

That’s it! Just send a new iMessage on your iPhone 4 and check your iPod Touch, they should now all be synced!

Sync iMessage on iPad and iPod Touch

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