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Help! Siri Can’t Open Apps After Jailbreaking!! How Can I Fix Siri?

Hi Jaxov! I was able to successfully jailbreak my iPhone and when I thought everything was fine, I just found out that there's something with Siri. When I ask Siri to open apps for me, it simply returns an error that "there is no such app" or something like that. This could only mean that there is something wrong with the jailbreak itself. I know that I could simply re-jailbreak but I would prefer not to resort to that. And by the way, I have already installed the most up-to-date version of the untether as well as the UIKit tools.

So any solution that could help me fix Siri? Thanks in advance!

Asked by: Jonathan from Lahti, Finland

Good day Jonathan! This is a pretty common Siri error, especially when it comes to the Evasi0n jailbreak. But there are some solutions that you can try. First solution is to delete some files using iFile. Make sure that you delete these two files using iFile:



Once you have deleted them, reboot your device and see if Siri is working properly now!

If not, you can try this solution instead. With iFile, we will rename the same two files, so they will look like this:



Just rename the files and don't delete them. This will make the files invisible and you can proceed to delete them later. Now go back to your Springboard and do a full reboot. Upon rebooting, you should notice that your stock apps and Cydia apps will be there, but not the ones that are bought from the App Store, this is normal so DON'T PANIC!

iOS will simply rebuild your app library one by one so it should take some time depending on the number of apps that you have. Once all of your apps are back, you can now try Siri if it's working fine. If it's all good, you can now delete the .bak files you've renamed a while ago using iFile. Hope these solutions work for you!

Siri Jailbreak Problems

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    Umar Aliyu7 years, 1 month ago

    i cant seem to find both files with ifile/var/mobile/Library/Caches/ should i do? please help.

      emkaz6 years, 10 months ago

      me 2 , I can’t find them, what should I do?

    Daniel Cruz7 years, 2 months ago