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SIM Failure and No SIM Card Inserted Error on iPhone 4 Running iOS 5

I removed micro SIM card from my iPhone last week to test it on some other smartphones I own and then put it back in my iPhone 4 after a minute but this time I was prompted with a message saying "SIM Failure" followed by "No SIM card inserted". I have already tried to remove and reinsert SIM card number of times but no luck. Sometimes, it works for at-least 5 to 6 hours then I get same error again. Anyone else experiencing the same error? Please advise what could be a possible solution. Thanks.

Asked by: Ivor from Boston, Massachusetts

Hello Ivor, are you using a jailbroken iPhone? Have you installed any tweak or Cydia app prior this error? Or, have you unlocked your iPhone using Gevey SIM? Well, there are numerous reasons why you were getting these errors. But in most cases, most of the micro SIM cards are tend to get damaged when they pulled out of the phone while the device is ON. That’s why it is always recommended to power OFF the device before pulling out its SIM card. Anyway, you can check some of the points below for possible solutions to these error:
  • Clean your SIM card; pull out your SIM card (make sure that the device is OFF) then get a pencil eraser or a rubber and then gently rub the copper / gold SIM contacts with the rubber. Then wipe it clean with a dry clean cloth.
  • If you are rocking a jailbroken iPhone, then uninstall all apps or tweaks that you have installed prior this error.
  • Make sure that you re-seat the SIM card properly.
  • Try to use a different AT&T SIM card or other micro SIM card and check if the phone read it or not?
  • Use a different Gevey SIM (if your iPhone is unlocked already).
  • Lastly, restore your iPhone to the latest iOS 5 firmware (make sure you have SHSH blobs saved if you are a jailbreaker) and then take the phone to AT&T or Apple Store for warranty repair.

Fix iPhone SIM Card Error

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    Josh8 years, 11 months ago

    I have the exact same problem, im currently running iOS 6.0.1. it’s extremely frustrating and time consuming. I changed from my old phone to my dads iPhone 4 ( his plan had finished ) and it just keeps saying “invalid sim” and “sim card failed” :(