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Restore iPhone Unlock Ticket Obtained Using the SAM Unlock

How do I restore my unlock ticket that I got when I used the SAM method to unlock my iPhone?

Submitted by: Jonathan R., Mississippi

SAM unlock

Hello Jonathan! Do you have iFile installed on your iPhone alongside with the unlock ticket? If you don't have iFile, just go ahead and grab it from Cydia. Next, we recommend following the steps as described below to restore your iPhone unlock ticket obtained using the SAM unlock.

How to Restore iPhone Unlock Ticket Using SAM Unlock

As a first step, insert your unlocked SIM into the iPhone and disable SAM by navigating to SAMPrefs. Now, find the backup of the unlock ticket, it should be a zip archive, and email it to yourself. Next, open the emailed zip activation ticket by choosing iFile. The app will prompt you to pick up ZIP Viewer or Unarchiver, and you should choose the latter. Let the Unarchiver perform the task and tap Done when it completes extracting the Zip file.

SAM unlock 02

Now you should see the recently extracted Lockdown folder. After you tap Edit, select the Lockdown folder and by tapping the Clipboard button located at the bottom right of your screen tap Copy/Link and then Done.

Since you have copied the folder, now we should go to the /var/root/Library folder. In order to do that use the back button located at the top left of the iPhone's screen. Tap Edit and pick up the Lockdown folder you see in the Library folder. We need to trash this folder to replace it with the recently extracted one containing the activation ticket obtained during the SAM unlock.

To achieve this, you need to press the Trash button and tap Move File to Trash. The result: no Lockdown folder. As the next step, press Clipboard and select Paste from the pop-up menu and then Done. You should see the Lockdown folder re-appearing in the Library folder. Re-spring your device. The iPhone reboots and you should see the network for the unlocked SIM card. Hope that helped, comment below if you have questions or concerns.

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