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Phone and Contacts App Not Working on Jailbroken iPhone 3GS

Hello people, my iPhone 4 crashed yesterday after syncing it with iTunes. The device is jailbroken using JailbreakMe on iOS 4.3.3, and at the moment I am able to use both Phone and Contacts app. And obviously cannot make calls or even send a text messages. Aside from Phone and Contact app, iTunes and iPod apps are also quite unresponsive. What do I need to do? Do I need to restore it?

Asked by: Karen from Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Hello Karen! I will recommend you to STAY AWAY from iOS 5 stock firmware and forget the idea about restoring your iOS device to iTunes as you will lose your untethered jailbreak. If you aren’t aware, Apple already patched the untethered jailbreak exploit used for iOS 4.3.3 jailbreak. Therefore, you can only get tethered or SemiTether jailbreak if you restore your iPhone to the latest iPhone firmware (You can check this blog post to know more about tether and untethered iOS jailbreak).

Anyway, did you install any tweaks that have something to do with your Phone or Contact app? If you do, then uninstall them from Cydia and then reboot your device. If this doesn’t work, then I would recommend you to restore your iPhone to the stock iOS 4.3.3 firmware using TinyUmbrella. You can check this tutorial on how to downgrade your iPhone using TinyUmbrella. If you don’t have saved iOS 4.3.3 SHSH blobs, you can use iFaith SHSH Blobs Dumper to create iOS 4.3.3 SHSH blobs as well as restore your iPhone to the signed iOS 4.3.3 firmware. You can use this link to download iFaith version 1.3.2. Then follow this guide on how to create iOS 4.3.3 SHSH blobs and this tutorial on how to create signed IPSW file using the same tool. Good luck!

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