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Open URL in Google Chrome on iOS Devices Without Jailbreaking

Greetings Jaxov! Was wondering if there was a way to use Chrome, or any other browsers, on iOS as the default browser. I really don't like using Safari, and love the syncing with Chrome. I don't want to resort to jailbreaking. Any way this is possible? Thank you in advance!

Asked by: Sonya from Hong Kong

Hi Sonya! Setting Chrome as your default browser would be much easier if you jailbreak. But since you don't want that, here is a method to use Chrome as the default. A developer named Jon Abrams made a JavaScript code, which serves as a workaround that'll launch any page in Chrome. You'll need to copy and paste the code as a bookmark in Safari. This can be quite tricky, so be sure to follow the steps properly.

  1. Ensure the JavaScript code string that follows is copied straight into your iDevice’s clipboard: javascript:location.href="googlechrome"+location.href.substring(4);
  2. Launch Mobile Safari on your iDevice and navigate to any webpage. Tap the action button in Safari found in the middle of the toolbar. This should enable you to save the current page as a bookmark and name it with ‘Open Chrome‘.
  3. Go to Mobile Safari's Bookmarks and tap the ‘Edit‘ button. Edit the saved bookmark on Step 2 by removing the cotained URL and paste the copied JavaScript code string found in Step 1.
  4. Save the bookmark and you're done!

So, each time you find yourself launching Safari when clicking a link, just tap the ‘Bookmark‘ button and then use the ‘Open Chrome‘ bookmark. This will open the page in your Chrome browser! This is hardly an elegant solution, but if you really want to use Chrome as default, then this will work.

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