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Jailbroken iPhone 4 Running iOS 5 Not Recognized by iTunes

Hi, I have restored and jailbroken my iPhone using iOS 5 custom firmware on Mac at work. After leaving the office, I tried to sync my iPhone to iTunes but noticed that the device is not recognized by iTunes. I am not sure if it has something to do with iTunes or there is something wrong with my iPhone. What I need to do to fix this error? I already changed my USB cord but no luck. I am using Windows 7. Thanks.

Asked by: Joshua from Palm Bay, Florida

Hello Joshua, it seems like you will need to update your iTunes to the latest version. If you haven’t updated your iTunes, then you can check this blog post to know more and download the iTunes 10.5.1. Just simply update your iTunes and then reboot both your PC and iOS device.

Also, are you sure that your iPhone is registered on your PC? Do you use any app or tool that is related to the syncing of your iOS device to iTunes? If not then maybe it has something to do with Apple Mobile Device service. Anyway, you can follow the tutorial posted below to fix Apple Mobile Device service issue.

Step 1: Close iTunes and disconnect your jailbroken iPhone 4.

Step 2: Then click on the Windows Start button.

Step 3: Type “Services” in the Start Search.

Step 4: In the Programs section of the search results, select Services.

Step 5: Then right-click on Apple Mobile Device service and click Properties in the shortcut menu.

Step 6: Now you have to set the Startup type pop-up menu to Automatic and then click OK.

Step 7: Check the "Service Status" under General tab. If the status is not "Started" then click the Start button to start the service, connect your phone again and click Apply.

Lastly, in most cases, some iOS device users are reporting that charging the iPhone’s battery before syncing it to iTunes fixed the issue. So make sure that you have at least 20% of battery life before you may sync your device. Good luck!

iPhone Does Not Recognized in iTunes

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