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iTunes Error 1618 when Restoring iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3.5

Hello, I am trying to restore my iPhone to iOS 4.3.5 in order to remove its jailbreak as some of the apps that I have downloaded from Cydia makes my device a bit laggy and unresponsive. I have also noticed a significant decrease in battery life after the jailbreak. However, I am getting error 1618 every time I am trying to restore iOS 4.3.5. Is this because of the jailbreak? Please help.

Asked by: Rollie from Waterbury, Connecticut

Hello Rollie, laggy and unresponsive can be fix easily by simply uninstalling or updating the app that you have downloaded from Cydia. Or, uninstall the app and download a different app from Cydia that offers the same features and service. You can also download a jailbreak app called Crash Reporter from Cydia under BigBoss repository. As the name of the app suggests, Crash Reporter will help you analyze the root cause of the crashes as well as allow you to report the problem to the developer of the app. Crash Reporter works on both Cydia and App Store apps. Regarding the battery issues, you can follow some of the tips posted here on how to enhance the battery life of your jailbroken iOS device.

Well, iTunes error 1618 has nothing to do with the jailbreak (or software that was used to jailbreak your iPhone). In fact, this error is not related to your iOS device. iTunes is throwing error 1618 to you because the application is not working properly and there are some missing system files or corrupt data on your iTunes. To fix this, you have to uninstall your iTunes and then install the latest version. You can see this blog post to know more and download the new iTunes 10.4.1 for Mac OS X or Windows.

How to Bypass Error 1618

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