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iPhone Cydia Apps Crashes After Restoring Backup Through AptBackup

Hi guys, I jailbroke my iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.3 using Redsn0w, then I restored my backup through AptBackup and rebooted my device. However, after restoring, some apps refuse to open and quite unresponsive. Well, they open, then close immediate after just a second. Some of the apps include BossPrefs, Terminal, and dTunes. Any idea how to fix this? Is there something wrong with Aptbackup? Thanks.

Asked by: Rene from Richmond, Virginia

Hello Rene, well, it seems like Aptbackup is working fine as you have successfully restored all your jailbreak apps and tweaks. App crashes on jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices occurs due to numerous of reasons - overload of applications or bug. There’s a possibility that the app installed on your device does not support the latest version of iPhone firmware. Secondly, there are also chances that you have downloaded and installed new apps or tweaks that might conflicts with the previously installed jailbreak apps on your device. If so, then you should uninstall them and check your apps.

You can also install a jailbreak app from Cydia called Crash Reporter available through BigBoss Repository. If you aren’t aware, Crash Reporter will help you to efficiently identify the root cause of the crash and also allow you to send the crash log to the developer. Once the Crash Reporter is launched, it will provide you with a list of possible application / extension that might cause the recent crash. Crash Reporter apps also compatible with non-jailbroken apps and tools. You could also send crash reports to iTunes Store.
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