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Help! My iPhone 4S Camera, Camera Roll & Photo Stream Keeps Crashing!

Hey good people of Jaxov! My iPhone 4S has been with me for quite some time now but as of late, it has become quite slow and have a very frustrating problem. Recently, I captured a  screenshot and ever since then, I am unable to view my camera roll or photo stream. I'm able to open the Camera app and it appears that I can take a photo but the second the shutter closes, the app just crashes on me.

When I browse the Photos app, the albums can be seen but once I tap on the camera roll or photo stream, the app closes. Strangely enough, when I view my photo library it says that I don't have any photos in my iPhone 4S. However, I can browse all my other albums and I can even view the pictures like usual. I have this bright idea of disabling the iCloud photo streaming but still no luck.

As it is now, I am really compelled to restore my iPhone 4S but I really don't want to resort to that. So I am wondering if there's a fix to this particular problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Asked by: Jessica from Arizona, TX

Hello Jessica! That particular problem with your iPhone 4S Camera, Camera Roll and Photo Stream crashing is actually fairly widespread. The cause of this is still unknown but it could be a bug with the applications themselves. However, you're quite lucky because there's a fix for this. I have been browsing the Apple forums and have come across this particular fix. Just follow these steps at your own risk.

  1. Download iFunBox (or any other software that will allow you to access the iPhone's file system)
  2. Backup all your photos from the iPhone to your PC with iFunBox.
  3. Using iFunBox, navigate to folder VAR/DCIM and delete all the folders that you can find there (.MISC , XXXAPLLE)
  4. Navigate to folder VAR/PhotoData/MISC, also delete all the files inside (DCIM_APPLE.plist , PreviewWellImage.tiff)
  5. Navigate to folder VAR/PhotoData but this time ONLY delete these files: Photos.sqlite, PhotosAux.sqlite
  6. Navigate to folder VAR/PhotoStreamsData and delete EVERYTHING.
  7. Close iFunBox.
  8. Perform a hard reset (Hold the power + home button together until the screen turns black, then release both buttons)

This particular fix essentially requires you to delete most of the files in your Camera Roll and Photo Stream, so it is IMPORTANT that you perform a backup to avoid any data loss. Hopefully this method fixes your iPhone 4S Camera, Camera Roll and Photo Stream crashing problem.


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