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How to Unlock iPhone 3GS Without Updating its Baseband to 6.15.00?

Hi, I have a jailbroken iPhone 3GS running on iOS 4.0.1, though the firmware installed on ,my iPhone is quite outdated, I have no plan to upgrade it to higher version or to iOS 4.3.3 as I am preserving the baseband of my 3GS form getting upgraded so that I could unlock it in the future without updating its baseband to iPad’s 6.15.00. Anyway, since Apple is likely to release iOS 5 firmware, will I be able to unlock my iPhone 3GS on iOS 5 without updating its baseband?   

Asked by:  Martin from Wichita, Kansas

Hello Martin, nice questions. However, I’m afraid that there’s no definite answer for your questions at the moment, especially regarding on iPhone unlock on the new iOS 5. Well, as we all know, not all iPhone is unlockable and the iPhone Dev Team is still figuring out how to unlock iPhone 4 running on a new baseband. Though iOS 5 is vulnerable to jailbreak, Apple will try everything to make jailbreaking and unlocking iPhone on iOS 5 a lot harder in comparison to previous versions of iOS. They have already announced few months ago that they are working on iPhone baseband downgrader to enable iPhone 4 users who have upgraded baseband to downgrade it to unlockable baseband so that they can unlock it using Ultrasn0w. But so far, we are hearing nothing from the Dev Team regarding this tool.

At the moment, the only solution available to unlock your iPhone 3GS is by updating its baseband to iPad’s baseband, which is the only unlockable baseband available for iPhone 3GS, and then unlock it using Ultrasn0w 1.2.x. But the problem is, the GPS feature of the iPhone will be disabled permanently (since there is no fix available yet). This also means that other iTunes and jailbreak apps that utilized GPS technology will not work on iPhone 3GS with iPad 6.15.00 baseband installed, which includes GMaps, Maps, iGo, and a lot more.
Unlock iPhone 3GS Without Updating its Baseband

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