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How to Transfer Mac OS X Safari Bookmarks to Jailbroken iPhone 4?

Hello guys, I just bought iPhone 4 as my first ever smartphone in my life. Therefore I am quite unfamiliar with other features of the phone, especially when it comes to the apps. Right now, I am using the default Safari web browser (I am more confident in using this browser instead of using any other browser). Now, my question is, can I transfer the Safari bookmarks on my Mac to iPhone 4 in one go? Is there an app that I need to download in order to achieve it? Thanks.

Asked by: Ivan from France

Hello Ivan! Well, this process is possible and the good news is you don’t have to download and install any jailbreak apps or tweaks in order to achieve it. All you have to do is sync your jailbroken iOS device to iTunes. If you aren’t familiar with the steps, then you can check the tutorial posted below on how to sync Safari or Internet Explorer bookmarklets to iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

Steps to Sync Mac OS X Safari Bookmarks to Jailbroken iPhone

Step 1: First, you will need to connect your jailbroken iPhone 4 into your Mac via USB cable
Step 2: Then launch iTunes (If the application does not run automatically)
Step 3: Now, you have to select your iPhone 4 from the list of iOS device and then click the Info tab, and then select Sync Bookmarks With Safari or Internet Explorer.

That’s it! In this way you will be able to sync your Safari browser with your iPhone.

Note: Please make sure to backup all your existing bookmarks in the browser before syncing (i.e. Safari or Internet Explorer) as there are chances that syncing might delete your computer browser bookmarks.

Sync Safari Bookmarks on Jailbroken iPhone

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