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How To Remove Ads in Cydia & Other Jailbreak Apps?

Hello friends, newbie jailbreak here. I just jailbreak my iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3.3 and started using Cydia. I’ve noticed that some apps and the Cydia app itself is packed with ads, I know that the ads are important and it keeps the service for free. But, is there any way that I can remove them. Thanks.

Posted by: Malik

Hello Malik, good to know that you jailbroke your iPhone 4 :D. Anyway, you are right that ads are very important to keep the service rolling for free. But the good news is that you can disable ads in Cydia just like disabling ads on your web browser. You can download and install a jailbreak tweak called SBAdBlock Toggle to block ads in Cydia as well as in your default Mobile Safari Browser. One of the main feature of the SBAdBlock is that it will auto-update its database and block all ads served by various advertising networks. You can also patch some ad dependent jailbreak apps by holding their icons for few seconds. After enabling SBAdBlock toggle, you will see a white-space instead of real Google and AdMob ads in Cydia. Of course, you will need to install SBSettings on your iDevice to enable this tweak. You can follow our step by step guide to disable ads in Cydia using SBAdBlock Toggle.


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