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How to Jailbreak iPhone 4 Without Computer?

Hi, I just got a brand new iPhone 4. It is a factory unlocked and running on iOS 4.3.5. I am currently using this phone over Vodafone. Anyway, I am thinking to jailbreak this phone in order to access some free and cracked apps from Cydia. But the problem I don’t have my laptop with me at the moment and don’t have access to computer till next month. Is it possible to jailbreak this phone without connecting to computer? Thanks.

Asked by: Alvin from Altenburg, Germany

Hello Alvin, jailbreaking iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch without connecting to computer is possible using the web-based jailbreak tool called JailbreakMe 3.0. However, this process is available only to users who have iOS devices running on iOS 4.3.3 firmware. So, in your case, the only way to jailbreak your iPhone is by connecting your iPhone to computer and jailbreak it using a desktop-based jailbreak tool.

Anyway, once you got an access to the computer, you can follow our step-by-step guide on how to jailbreak iPhone on iOS 4.3.5 using the newly released Redsn0w 0.9.9b1, which is available for both Mac OS X and Windows users. The jailbreaking process using the latest version of Redsn0w is a lot easier compare to other versions as you don’t have to download the stock IPSW and point the application to the downloaded file in order to jailbreak. This new version of Redsn0w automatically fetches all the necessary files from Apple’s server in order to jailbreak your iPhone.

Regarding free and cracked apps, you can download and install Installous app from Cydia Store. You can refer on this tutorial on how to get Installous. You will also need to install AppSync so that you will be able to connect your iPhone to iTunes without deleting your installed cracked apps. The tutorial on how to install AppSync can be found here.

Jailbreak iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3.3

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