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How to Fix iPhone 4 Wi-Fi Connection Issue?

Hi guys, I have accidentally dropped my four months old iPhone 4 and as a result, I cannot connect to any Wi-Fi network unless I put it next to my Wi-Fi router. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.

Asked by: Haidee from Jefferson City, Missouri

Hello Haidee, have you tried to reset your network settings? Anyway, the safest and easiest way to resolve this issue (if possible) is by restoring it to the latest iPhone firmware - iOS 4.3.5 for GSM iPhone or iOS 4.2.10 for CDMA iPhone 4. However, you should be noted that there’s no stable or untethered jailbreak available for these iPhone firmwares due to the fact that Apple has already patched the exploit used in previous iPhone jailbreak tools by releasing these software updates. Hopefully you have saved SHSH blobs so that you will be able to downgrade your iPhone back to iOS 4.3.3. If you have not saved your blobs, then there’s no way you can downgrade your iPhone. You can also check Cydia’s server if you have saved SHSH blobs. The steps on how to use TinyUmbrella can be found on this blog post. Or you can use iFaith to save your blobs as well as create a signed iOS 4.3.3 IPSW. The guide on how to use iFaith to save SHSH blobs can be found here and the steps on how to create signed IPSW is posted on this link.

If restoring your iPhone does not resolve the issue, then it’s probably a hardware error. If that’s the case, then the best thing to do is take your iPhone to Apple and request for warranty repair or replacement.

How to Fix iPhone 4 Wi-Fi Issue

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