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How to Fix Could Not Activate iPhone 4S iTunes Error?

Hello Jaxov, I just got my new iPhone 4S today. But the problem is I am able to activate my iPhone 4S with my AT&T SIM card and every time I try to activate, I always end up with error saying "Could Not Activate iPhone 4S" and "It may take up to 3 minutes to activate your iPhone". I have waited for almost 3 hours but my iPhone is still not activated. Any suggestions to get it activated? Thanks.

Asked by: Tommee from Miami Gardens, Florida

Hello Tommee! Well, you are not alone in this issue. In fact million of iPhone 4S users are barraging Apple and AT&T customer service regarding this iPhone 4S activation issue. There are probabilities that AT&T servers are experiencing some kind of system error due to large traffic of iPhone 4S users who are trying to activate their brand new iOS device. Anyway, you can check some of the steps below in order to activate your iPhone with AT&T SIM card.

Step 1: If you upgraded from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S, you can use your iPhone 4 to call AT&T’s 611 hotline and talk to a human representative to help you manually activate your iPhone.

Step 2: Try to activate your iPhone through the web by simply visiting AT&T’s online activation web page.

Step 3: You can contact AT&T Customer Care directly at and request for iPhone 4S activation.

Step 4: If you are on Twitter, you can tweet AT&T Customer Care at @attcustomercare to help you fix the problem.

Step 5: Download and install iTunes 10.5 and activate your iPhone using iTunes. You can get iTunes 10.5 from here.

After following the above tips, if you are still out of luck, then I would recommend you to wait for the activation server of AT&T to catch up to the traffic demands. Also, check this article regarding AT&T activation. This article might bring you a good luck.

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    i phone could not be avtivated problem