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How to Change Jailbroken iPhone’s Carrier Name?

I’m new in the iPhone jailbreak scene. And, obviously, I am still at the stage of discovering new apps for my iPhone 4, which was jailbroken on iOS 4.3.3. Anyway, I am just wondering how do you guys managed to change the name of your carrier to Jaxov. I want to change mine. Is there an app or trick to do that? Thanks.

Asked by: Lester from City of Auburn, Washington

Hello Lester, there’s no trick if you want to change your carrier’s name displayed on the status bar. All you need to do is download and install an app on your jailbroken iOS device through Cydia Store and customized it.

Well, there are numerous apps in Cydia that offers capability to iOS device users to change their carrier name in an instant. Jailbroken iPhone’s carrier name can be changed using StatusNamer, Fake Carrier, and MakeitMine apps. To download any of these three apps, just simply fire up your Cydia app from the Springboard of your jailbroken iPhone (or iPod Touch) and go to search and type any of the three apps that you want to install. If you are going to ask which one is the best, then I would recommend you to download MakeItMine app as this app, aside from changing its carrier name, is also capable in creating custom banner text on the center of the status bar. To change your carrier name using MakeItMine app, just simply launch MakeItMine app from the Springboard and then write down your preferred custom carrier name that you want to appear n your device and then tap on "Carrier". You can also check some of the awesome iPhone apps that were featured on our blog.

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