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How to Backup and Restore iPhone Contacts

I've had some problems with losing contacts on my iPhone in the past, when jailbreaking and even when syncing different things. How can I backup my contacts securely and make sure I don't lose them again, even if my phone craps out?

Submitted by: George, Hawaii


Hello George! Fortunately there are several methods to make sure your iPhone contacts and other data are available when you need them. We've prepared two short tutorials to help back up your iPhone contacts in way that's secure.

With the launch of iCloud, backing up iPhone contacts, data, email, calendars have become much easier. The service is designed to permit iOS users to back up and store data in the cloud. More importantly, all data will automatically be available on all other Apple devices using the same Apple ID. However, this service is only available for devices running iOS 5 (or later), so if you're running an earlier version of iOS, we recommend updating it. If you fulfill the aforementioned criteria, simply follow the steps of this tutorial.

How to back up iPhone contacts using iCloud

  • As the first step you'll need to tap on the iPhone's Settings app and then choose iCloud.

  • Make sure the Contacts toggle is set to On.
  • iphone-contacts-backup-01

  • If you didn't perform an iCloud backup, tap on 'Storage & Backup' at the bottom of the interface.
  • Toggle the iCloud backup on and then select Back Up Now. Now, you're on the right track to having all your iPhone contacts backed up into the cloud. This means you don't need to plug in your iPhone to iTunes anymore to perform a backup, as this is an automated service. Your iPhone will automatically backup your contacts and any other data you toggle on under the iCloud settings, as soon as you are connected to Wi-Fi. Cellular backup isn't available just yet, so Wi-Fi is the only available option.

  • With backup on, using another device -- like a new iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad -- and having all your iPhone contacts, you'll need to do two things: use the same Apple ID when you set it up and make sure the Contacts toggle is On. This way, the device will automatically sync your iPhone contacts with your iCloud data already saved in the cloud.

How to Save Your iPhone Contacts Using an Email Address

Another way to backup your iPhone contacts by using iCloud is by using an email address. In our tutorial we will use a Gmail address, but this works with any email account capable to sync through Microsoft Exchange. So here is what you need to do:
First tap on Settings>Mail > Contacts > Calendar. If no accounts are active on your iPhone, we recommend setting up one by selecting Microsoft Exchange. If you have active email account(s) and you want to add another one, we recommend doing it at the same time.

Next, type the email address into the required fields and hit Next, before adding in the server field (this is different if you use use other services.
After you tap Next, toggle Contacts on. As a result, you'll have all your contacts backed up and you can restore them anytime you set up a new device.

As you can see, George, backing up iPhone contacts is easy when you are running iOS 5 or later, as iCloud will save all your data and it automatically transferts it to all your iDevices.

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