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Getting iTunes Error 6 while Downgrading iPhone 3GS Using TinyUmbrella

Hello, I’ve recently upgraded my jailbroken iPhone 3GS to iOS 4.3.5 as I have to take my phone to AT&T for a warranty fix. So, I did a backup of my SHSH blobs and tried to restore iOS 4.3.3 using iTunes. But when I am tried to downgrade my iPhone using TinyUmbrella, iTunes is throwing error 6 with a message “The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (6)”. Why I am getting this error? Thanks in advance!

Asked by: Rommel from Miami Gardens, Florida

Hello Rommel, you are getting this error because your iPhone failed to enter the downgrade-mode. Well, there’s nothing serious about this iTunes error (6) as you can easily bypass them by following some of the tips posted below:
  • Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your Mac OS X or Windows. You can check this blog post to download and know more about iTunes 10.4.1.
  • Use a different iPhone cable or plug the iOS device in different USB port (do not use USB hub or any USB extensions; connect your iPhone directly to your PC). If you have a busted cord, then request for a replacement from Apple or AT&T.
  • Connect your iPhone to the USB port at the back of your desktop. Unlike the front USB port, the rear ones are more robust and chances of getting error is very little.
  • Try to connect your iPhone to a different computer and then go back to your own PC and connect it.

You can follow this guide on how to downgrade using TinyUmbrella. If for some cases that you have encountered iTunes error 3194, you can refer on this guide on how to bypass it.

Bypass iTunes Error 6

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