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Forgot iPhone Password: Need to Recover

My friend got a hold of my phone the other day and decided to pull a prank by changing my iPhone password. I only had a simple passcode, so he was able to figure it out and then changed it. I eventually got access to it again, but was wondering how to reset or recover my iPhone password if I forget it, or someone does the same thing again. Thanks.

Submitted by: Mark, Florida

iPhone password via iPhoneBrowser

Hi Mark, you may recall an iPhone security company broke the news with a video demonstration of how easy it is to crack an iPhone's security code. Although the code was set to 0000, the easiest security passcode, it was a piece of cake getting the iPhone password using their software. Anyways, back to you original subject: the iPhone password can give you a false sense of security, however, there are other ways to strengthen your iDevice's security.

Meanwhile, we put together a short, step-by-step tutorial that'll show you how easy it is to remove the iPhone password and replace it with another, while retaining all of your data.

The key is to have a jailbroken iPhone, so if you haven't jailbroken your iPhone, you can do that by following our step-by-step tutorials. If you already have, there are two tools you'll need to get the iPhone password. One is a small, open source application called iPhoneBrowser and the other is an SQLite browser, editor.

Finally, here is what you will need to recover your lost or forgotten iPhone password:

First, you need to know the status of your iPhone. This is important, as if you accidentally updated to Apple's latest firmware and it isn't supported by the jailbreak community yet, than you can't recover the iPhone password using the following steps.

So, in the iPhoneBrowser pop-up window you'll see the status bar at the bottom, and it needs to say "iPhone is connected and jailbroken".

Now comes the fun part, removing the iPhone password. For those who aren't aware, your iPhone password is stored in a keychain file, along with all other passwords. You can find the file under the /private/var/Keychains/keychain-2db. Be careful, though, as you could lose the passwords to other accounts, if you don't follow these steps.

Now that you have found the file, backup and save a copy to your desktop (or any other place you like). After the backup is complete, we recommend clicking on the "Functions" menu and selecting "View Backup Files" to see where the actual SQLite file was backed up to and copy the file to the desktop to edit it.

Launch the SQLite browser and open the keychain-2.db file that you have copied to your desktop. After choosing the "Browse Data" tab and switching to "Table>genp" you'll need to find a line that's called "DeviceLockPassword" or something similar. After selecting this row, you'll need to delete it using the "Delete Record" button. Save and close the SQLite browser.

As the final step, launch iPhoneBrowser and right-click on the keychain-2.db file. Then, choose "Replace file" and replace it with the recently modified and saved keychain-2.db file from your desktop. Restart your iPhone. That's it!

Let us know in the comments if it worked for you, or any other questions you might have about recovering your iPhone Password.

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