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How to Fix Jailbreak and iTunes App Crashes on iPhone 4?

I’m new to the iPhone jailbreak scene - I transitioned over from Android phone and I could say that I love this experience so far, especially the apps that I have downloaded from Cydia. My iPhone 4 was jailbroken on iOS 4.3.2 with Redsn0w. Recently, I’ve been noticing some app crashes, and it requires me to reboot my device to temporarily fix it, particularly the Springboard and my Status Notifier. I’m using Mail Enhancer app, and there were times when I tap on my email on the default it will kick me back to the main screen. I’m also having some issues on my, and every time I tap on the app icon it launches the app but the “aperture is closed”.  Please let me know if you need more info. Thanks in advanced.

Asked by: Christian from Tucson, Arizona

Hello Christian, app crashes in iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch - whether jailbreak apps or your default iOS apps - is quite usual, especially if you have updated the firmware version of your iOS device. In your case, it looks like the jailbreak app is conflicting with the stock camera app. Have you downloaded and installed any jailbreak app or third-party camera apps on your device? Try to uninstall them and then check your camera app, same thing with your Status Notifier, and Mail Enhancer app. You can also check all your jailbreak and iOS apps to determine which apps need to be upgraded.

Alternatively, you can download and install a jailbreak app from Cydia called Crash Reporter via BigBoss Repository. Crash Reporter app will enable you to efficiently determine which jailbreak apps are causing errors on your jailbroken iPhone. You can also rejailbreak your iPhone 4 on the latest firmware (iOS 4.3.3) using Redsn0w (highly recommended if you don’t care about unlocking your iPhone), Sn0wbreeze, or PwnageTool just to make sure that there will be no app crashes.
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