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Any Tips on How Can I Fix iPhone Home Button? It’s Now Laggy & Unresponsive

What's up, Jaxov? I have an iPhone 4 and it has been with me for a long while.I can say that it's still working fine despite being 2+ years old (I guess I can thank Apple for such a good quality device), I have noticed a very annoying problem with my iPhone. I am talking about the problem with my iPhone's home button. As of late, my iPhone home button has become quite unresponsive. Now when I want the Home button to work, I will either have to press it repeatedly or press it really hard. While this does get the job done, I am worried that in the long run, it would cause permanent damage to the phone and not to mention, it is becoming increasingly annoying. So much for the smooth experience provided by Apple.

Is there any way to fix my iPhone's unresponsive home button? It would be great if you can provide some easy-to-do tips that don't involve opening up my iPhone because I don't really want to do that. Is there still hope to fix this? Or should I take my iPhone to a professional repairman? Thanks you so much for any help!

Asked by: Reese from Boston

Hello Reese! There's nothing more frustrating than having an iPhone with an unresponsive home button. Fortunately, your case isn't hopeless because there are solutions on how to fix iPhone home button. Don't worry, as they don't involve opening your iPhone.

Fix iPhone Home Button

Despite its great build and quality, there are still bound to be software problems that can cause a laggy or unresponsive home button, especially with continued use. Here's one thing that you can try: recalibrate your iPhone home button and you can read how to do so, by reading this guide. If it works, you should notice your home button has become a lot snappier.

Another solution is to realign the Docking Port. Through wear and tear, it is possible the iPhone's docking port got misaligned.

To realign:

Plug a USB cable into the iPhone. Next, gently push down (with minimal pressure) on the 30-pin connector in a way that it pushes up behind the home button. While the pressure is being applied, click the Home button a few times. Promptly remove the cable and see if your Home button works properly.

Your last resort would be to enable the On-Screen Home Button using Assistive Touch. To do this, navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch. Enable Assistive Touch. You should see a small circle appear on screen. Whenever you need to use your Home button, tap the on-screen Home button. This, of course, is your best bet if your home button is beyond help. This will let you use your iPhone before you can get it repaired.

Fix iPhone Unresponsive Home Button

Read this post for a more detailed guide on how to fix iPhone home button.

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