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FaceTime “Waiting For Activation” After Activating & iOS 4.3.3 Downgrade

Hi guys, I have an iPhone 4 and am currently using it over T-Mobile with the help of Gevey SIM. My FaceTime video chat is not working. This issue occurred after I downgraded my iPhone 4 from iOS 4.3.5 back to iOS 4.3.3 and jailbreak it using Redsn0w and re-unlocked using the Gevey SIM. I also activated my iPhone using the original AT&T SIM card. The FaceTime gets stuck at "Waiting for activation" step. Thanks in advance!

Asked by: Hazel from Hayward, California

Hello Hazel, please make sure that you were using a “live” SIM card when activating your iPhone to iTunes. If your AT&T SIM card is not working, then you can use other AT&T SIM card to activate your iPhone to your iTunes. Also, make sure that you are connected to high-speed and non-restricted Internet connection or Wi-Fi during the activation process.

If you have no access to other SIM card, since your iPhone 4 is jailbroken, you can download a jailbreak app called SAM in order to activate your iPhone. SAM tricks iTunes to generate legitimate activation packets for your iPhone which in turn fully activates your iPhone. Anyway, if you want to try SAM then you can check out this guide on how to activate jailbroken iPhone 4 using SAM. If you have encountered "The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported" iTunes error while activating your iPhone 4 using SAM, then you can refer on this tutorial on how to fix it.

Fix FaceTime on Unlock iPhone 4 using SAM

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