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Can You Tell Me More About This New Semi-Restore Tool? I Want to Use it For My iPhone 5!

Hi! There is a new jailbreak tool called Semi-Restore which was released just recently. I did a bit of reading regarding the tool but still I can't seem to grasp what exactly it can do. I have an iPhone 5 and I want to perform a restore to iOS 6.1.2 but I found out that I can't do that even if I had saved my SHSH blobs. Basically, I will be forced to iOS 6.1.4 which is the latest firmware for iPhone 5, which isn't so bad if it weren't for the fact that there's NO JAILBREAK. And I do love my jailbreak.

So can you please give an in-depth function and features of this new Semi-Restore tool? I would really appreciate it!

Asked by: Jones from UK

Greetings Jones! Yes, you are right! There is no jailbreak future for you if you are going to udpate your iPhone 5 to iOS 6.1.4. It is quite unlikely that there will be a new jailbreak to be released as hacker groups would rather focus their expertise on iOS 7. Fortunately in your case, the new Semi-Restore tool can help. But don't expect a full-fledged restore just like with iTunes, the tool does have some glaring limitations.

Semi-Restore is a new tool developed by CoolStar and it's main purpose is to reset "A5+ devices on iOS 5.0-6.1.2 to as far back to stock as possible while still retaining the jailbreak."

Main functions of Semi-Restore tool

  1. Uninstalls all Cydia packages
  2. Fixes host file issues
  3. Erases all user data
  4. Fixes permissions
  5. Fixes activation issues
  6. Fixes iMessage/Facetime issues
  7. Fixes Safe mode issues randomly appearing
  8. Reinstalls Cydia (in case it was deleted)

Semi-Restore tool won't

  1. Upgrade your iOS Version
  2. Downgrade your iOS Version
  3. Jailbreak your iOS Device
  4. Fix broken System Files

Semi-Restore Requirements

Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch must be jailbroken on iOS 5.0-6.1.2. Additionally, it may not be in DFU or Recovery mode. It must be booted into iOS. SpringBoard doesn't need to be visible for this to work, the device merely needs to be in iOS.


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