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Can I Downgrade My iPhone 4S From iOS 7 Beta to iOS 6?

Good day good people of Jaxov! With Apple's announcement of iOS 7, I can't help but be intrigued with all the new features and especially the design changes to the operating system we all know and love. So with the promise of a better experience, I took the plunge and updated to iOS 7 beta (I do have an Apple developer account). After a good deal of hands-on experience with iOS 7, I have decided that it's still too early for me to be messing with iOS 7. It's just too unstable and some of my apps don't work. So here are my questions?

Can I still downgrade my iPhone 4S? I would like to downgrade back to iOS 6.1.2, if possible so I can restore my jailbreak, but I have a feeling that it's not possible.

Asked by: Dexter from Miami, FL

Cheers Dexter! iOS 7, while it does look good and offers a lot of features, is still pretty much in beta, a very early one. The operating system is not due for at least four months from now. Therefore, there is still a lot of bugs and issues to iron out, including the performance of the OS itself.

As for your questions, I am afraid to tell you that you won't be able to restore your jailbreak. Newer devices starting with the iPhone 4S, won't be able to downgrade back to earlier firmware versions, except for the latest ones. In your case, it's iOS 6.1.3 which currently does not have a jailbreak available. However don't fret, it is still possible to downgrade back to iOS 6.

Apple has said that you won't be able to downgrade once you have updated to iOS 7 beta (a strange decision, especially when the firmware is still in beta). But on the contrary you can! We have written a fairly comprehensive guide on How to Downgrade From iOS 7 Beta 1 to iOS 6.x.x. Just follow the guide step-by-step and you should be fine. Hope this helps your problem.

How to Downgrade From iOS 7 Beta 1 to iOS 6.x.x

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