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What Is the Best Installous Replacement for Downloading Cracked Apps?

Greetings Jaxov! It's no secret at the end of the last year, Hackulous was unexpectedly shut down. This took me by surprise and to be frank, the news has been a real downer. You see, I was a heavy user of Hackulous apps, like Installous and AppSync. I like being able to download cracked apps and give those applications a try before officially buying them from the App Store. There have been many instances when I bought an app from the store and it turned out to be a low quality one. Now without Installous, I won't be able to do app trials anymore.

My question is there any way to make Installous work? Or perhaps, you can recommend some other methods that'll allow me to download cracked iPhone apps? Or even Installous replacements or alternatives? I'm really quite at the end of my line here, so I hope you can help me.

Asked by: Ritz from Detroit, Michigan

Hello Ritz! Indeed, Hackulous has went the way of the dinosaurs and by the looks of it, it's not coming back, at least not anytime soon! However, you're in luck because there are many replacements to Installous you can use. Yes, there are numerous Installous alternatives that have taken center stage now Installous is gone. As of now, there are three solid apps you can use to replace Installous and I'll discuss each briefly.


First, the Installous replacement app you should consider is vShare. Now that Hackulous has shut down, vShare has been gaining popularity. The app works very similar to Installous, though the main difference is the apps can be downloaded via direct links. The only real disadvantage vShare has is it's made mostly in Chinese. However, finding apps you need is still relatively easy.

Another replacement to Installous is AppCake. AppCake has been around for quite some time, but now Installous is dead, it's gaining some recognition from the jailbreak community. AppCake is very similar to Installous. You will be downloading cracked apps from file hosting websites, so expect to wait before you can download or perhaps even tricked by adverts. You won't miss Installous by using AppCake.

The last one is iFunbox, a 3rd-party used to manage, browse, transfer and manage files for iOS devices for Windows / Mac. iFunbox has been made to manage and install apps on your iPhone. Although not as straightforward as AppCake or vShare, as you'll have to download the IPA files manually, the experience has been quite error-free. If you wish to install cracked apps via iFunbox, you'll still need to have AppSync installed on your iDevice.

I hope with these choices, you'll find a solid Installous replacement.

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