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Alternative Sources to Download AppSync From Now That Hackulous is Gone?

Hi everyone! I was really surprised when it was announced last month Hackulous has shutting its doors. That was sort of unexpected, although I guess all good things must come to an end. And with Hackulous finally biting the dust, it is expected apps like Installous and AppSync won't be available anymore. As much as I dig Installous, I feel AppSync is also a very important part of the overall experience of being able to download cracked iPhone apps. I mean, I really value syncing my cracked apps via iTunes.

Now I have a couple of questions I am hoping you could answer, where can I download AppSync now Hackulous is dead? Are there any alternative sources I can use? Better yet, do you know of any app that works like AppSync? Thanks in advance!

Asked by: Tim from Portland, Oregon

Hello Tim! Yes, Hackulous is pretty much out of commission, and so is Installous and AppSync. As for you question, your best course of action is to download AppSync from other sources apart from Hackulous. Indeed, other Cydia sources do host several versions of AppSync for your downloading pleasure. Upon checking, the most popular sources are Insanelyi, iHacksRepo, SinfuliPhone Repo, HackYouriPhone and xSellize. In order to add these repos, it's highly recommended you check out our post regarding the Top Cydia Sources for 2013. In this featured post, you should find the exact addresses of the Cydia sources I've mentioned.

As for the alternatives to AppSync you can use, as of now, I honestly haven't heard of anything that works similarly to AppSync. However, it should only take a matter of time before a solid alternative surfaces. Who knows, maybe someday we'll see updated versions of Installous and AppSync in the future. As for now, you have to download AppSync from other sources.

AppSync for iOS 5.0+

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