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Seas0npass - jailbreak Apple TV 2G

Seas0npass is a program that was created specifically for the Apple TV 2G. This program allows users to both jailbreak and boot the Apple TV. Seas0npass works in a similar way to the Pwnage tool in that it allows users to create custom firmware files for the Apple TV. It also allows users to do a tethered boot of the Apple TV. This is a great new feature that helps to make booting the Apple TV very quick and simple after jailbreaking.

Seas0npass will allows users to jailbreak the Apple TV running on iOS 4.2.1 software and it also provides a tethered boot. The tethered jailbreak means that when you turn on Apple TV you need to connect it to your computer in order to load the jailbreaking software. If you have Apple TV and you are looking to jailbreak Apple TV then Seas0npass is a great choice.

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