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Downgrade Your Firmware With EasyiRecovery

EasyiRecovery is another utility for Windows that allows users to downgrade their idevices. To make iRecovery work users must first install the library files and then perform a series of commands in the terminal. This can be very confusing and time consuming which is why EasyiRecovery is a most. EasyiRecovery is a utility that automates all these processes and is extremely fast and easy to use. All users have to do is download, double click on the icon and the program will automatically start copying the files required.

EasyiRecovery is the perfect tool to use when iTunes gives you an error 1015 and leaves your iPhone stuck in recovery mode.

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Now Use TinyUmbrella to Kick iPhone Out of Recovery Mode


The new TinyUmbrella (v4.1.8 and above) not only allows you save SHSH blobs of your iPhone but also allows you to kick your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad out of recovery mode with 1-click. Incase RecBoot, EasyiRecovery or iReb fails to kick your device out of recovery mode loop, you...

How to Install LibUSB on Windows 7 & Vista 64-bit

INF Wizard

LibUSB is a very important library which is used by many freeware programs to put your iPhone into recovery mode or force it to exit the recovery mode just with a single click. Recboot and EasyiRecovery both requires LibUSB installed on your computer to function properly. Installing LibUSB on 32-bit...

Download EasyiRecovery 2.5 – No Need to Install LibUSB

EasyiRecovery v2.5

EasyiRecovery 2.5 has been released and is available for download. Its a major update to the previous version as now it don't require LibUSB library installed on your system to put your iPhone in recovery mode. EasyiRecovery is particularly useful for those iPhone and iPod Touch users who are stucked...

Download EasyiRecovery to Enter / Exit iPhone Recovery Mode Easily

EasyiRecovery v2.0

Just like RecBoot EasyiRecovery v2.0 is another useful tool which help you to put your iPhone / iPod Touch into recovery mode with a single click. If your iPhone is stucked into an infinite recovery loop then through EasyiRecovery you can easily break that loop with a single...