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About Jaxov

Jaxov is a blog about latest technology news, gadgets. It was founded in 2009. By a group of technology enthusiasts. If you are a technology addict you are just at the right place. Here you can share and talk about all kind of new product and services available in the market. To stay connected and get the latest news, follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook fanpage or subscribe to our RSS Feed.

We are 100% dedicated to our valued readers, that we provide 100% free support on our Blog / iPhone Wiki, Facebook page and Twitter Profile.

Jaxov Team

Owner & CEO
Ben Johnson
(Founder and Editor in Chief of, Ben is a tech freak like most of us.)
Twitter Profile: @BenJohn
Phone: 469-250-0258
Email: ben @

Patrick H.
(Patrick is a high quality journalist, working a desk job his entire adult life. He wanted to try something new, now he is a freelancer working at some of the best blogs online in combination with traveling the world.)
Google+ Profile: +Patrick

Istvan F.
(Old time tech guru. Istvan know┬┤s is all)
Google+ Profile: +Istvan F

Kees W.
Google+ Profile


  • Wolverine
  • Stuart V

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Jaxov is frequently featured on major tech websites.

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As of June 2011, we have more than 6.000 Facebook Fans (come join us), we have 2.800 twitter followers (rising fast). And we have and impressive 1.100.000 monthly impressions on

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