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SafariBeBetter: Brings Small Changes to Safari to Improve Browsing Experience

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For many iOS users, Safari is the de-facto standard for browsing the internet on their devices. But many will agree as well that the Safari browser has its own fair share of annoyances and has plenty of room for improvements. Fortunately, there is no shortage of Safari jailbreak tweaks that aim to improve Apple’s mobile browser. Today, we will feature a new tweak called SafariBeBetter.

SafariBeBetter for iOS 9 brings three main changes for the stock Safari browser:

  • Autohide bookmarks – this feature will automatically hide the bookmarks panel when you tap any of the bookmarks you’ve listed. This setting will only work if you’re working with Safari on landscape mode.
  • Show complete URL – annoyed that Safari doesn’t display the complete URL of the pages that you are visiting? This SafariBeBetter setting will fix that particular annoyance instead of having to tap the address bar just to check the complete URL of the page.
  • Disable auto-hiding of address bar and toolbar – when you are on stock Safari, you will notice that the app hides the top and bottom bars of the interface whenever you scroll down. This enables the user to see more of the screen. If you don’t like that feature, you can use SafariBeBetter to disable it.

All of these options can be configured through the tweak’s preference pane in Settings. Many of these changes are fairly small but it can potentially make your Safari user experience a lot better. The SafariBeBetter tweak is available via Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free so it won’t cost you anything to give it a try.

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