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How to Turn iPhone Into Internet Hotspot on iOS 9

Many of you have been in the sticky situation where you need an internet connection for your other mobile device or laptop. In this case, you can always use your iPhone. With your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot, you can share your phone’s internet connection with your other devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB.

You will need iOS 7 or newer in order to enable the Personal Hotspot feature in your iPhone. This also depends on your carrier although most of them support this function. Also, we recommend that you actually have an unlimited data for your iPhone since this feature can eat tons of data. But it can sure come in handy during emergency situations.

How to Turn iPhone Into Internet Hotspot:

Turn on Personal Hotspot

On your iPhone, navigate to Settings then choose Personal Hotspot. If you can’t see it on the main Settings page, look for Mobile or Cellular then select it. You should see the option to set it up. Otherwise, you might have to contact your carrier. Toggle the Personal Hotspot option to ON. Now, you can choose how you wish to connect to your other device.
Enable Personal Hotspot iPhone

Via Wi-Fi

After enabling Personal Hotspot, create a Wi-Fi password. Your set password should be at least 8-characters long and use only ASCII characters. Otherwise, the other device will not be able to connect. With all that set up, the iPhone will now be discoverable by the other device. Simply select the iPhone on your other device and input the password.
Personal Hotspot iPhone via Wi-Fi

Via Bluetooth

To connect via Bluetooth, ensure that you have enabled Bluetooth on both the iPhone and the connecting device. On the Bluetooth settings of your iPhone, scan and select the other device. The other device should have an internet connection after successful pairing.
Personal Hotspot iPhone via Bluetooth


Plug the iPhone using its USB cable to your Mac or PC. Navigate to the network preferences of the computer, find the iPhone and select it from the list. If you’re on Mac, the preferences should like the screenshot below.
Personal Hotspot iPhone via USB
Let us know if you have questions on turn your iPhone into internet hotspot.

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