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Best iPad Pro Apps – 7 Great Apps That Are Even Better on The iPad Pro

Best iPad Pro Apps
As you may all know, Apple’s massive iPad Pro has been made available to the market earlier this month. With the iPad Pro, the line between a tablet and a computer has gotten a lot blurrier – thanks to its expansive 12.9 inch screen and the A9X chip that packs some serious processing power. If you are an iPad Pro owner and want to make the most out of your device, here are some of the best iPad Pro apps you can get from the App Store.

Procreate 3

Best iPad Pro Apps Procreate 3
Procreate has always been the quintessential drawing app for iPad owners. This powerful sketching, painting and illustration app has been made even better with the release of the iPad Pro. The interface has been updated to make the most out of the new massive display. On top of that, with the Apple Pencil, you now have 128 brushes available. [iTunes Link | $6.99]


Best iPad Pro Apps uMake
If you are a professional who love 3D renderings or simply an artist who’s more into 3D art, then uMake is the app for you. Yet again, this is one of the many apps that make sense on the iPad, especially on the bigger iPad Pro. uMake is available for free but if you want to unlock the pro features, you will need to shell out $149. [iTunes Link | Free or $149.99 for Pro]


Best iPad Pro Apps Evernote
Evernote is undoubtedly one of the best note-taking apps in the App Store. Writing notes and being able to sync them between devices can really make life a lot easier. With your new iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil and Evernote, your tablet becomes a magical cloud notebook you’ve always wanted. [iTunes Link | Free]


Best iPad Pro Apps iMovie
We all know that watching movies on a big screen is always better. The same is true with video editors as well. Apple’s very own iMovie unsurprisingly is even better on the iPad Pro. The bigger screen allows for bigger canvas and the souped-up resolution is perfect for high fidelity clips. The iPad Pro’s processing power is also great for demanding video edits. [iTunes Link | $4.99]

Essential Anatomy 5

Best iPad Pro Apps Essential Anatomy 5
If you are a medical student who owns an iPad Pro, getting Essential Anatomy 5 is pretty much a no-brainer. There’s a good reason why Apple has chosen to showcase this particular app during the company’s keynote. The iPad Pro’s big screen and beefed-up processor will let you all those intricate details about the human body. [iTunes Link | $24.99]

Microsoft Office

Best iPad Pro Apps Office
Sure, Apple has its own number of productivity apps and they’re all decent. However, they just don’t hold a candle to Microsoft’s trinity suite: Office, Excel and Powerpoint. These popular productivity apps have been updated for the iPad Pro and its amazing 12.9-inch screen. Both the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard work well with these apps. [WordExcel - Powerpoint | All Free with In-App Purchases]


Best iPad Pro Apps Todoist
Managing your tasks and projects becomes a breeze with Todoist. This app basically lets you stay on top of your professional commitments so you can stay productive. The iPad Pro enables you to view your professional life on a much larger screen. It also works well with iOS 9’s multitasking features for iPad. [iTunes Link | $24.99]

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