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5 Reasons to Get the iPad Pro

Reasons to Get iPad Pro
Back in September, Apple revealed the long-rumored iPad Pro which is undoubtedly the biggest tablet that will be hitting the market. The iPad Pro is slated to hit the Apple Stores and online on November 11th. With the release date almost upon us, many of you are probably wondering if the iPad Pro is worth the upgrade. Below, we have provided 5 reasons to get the iPad Pro.

It’s the most powerful iPad yet

iPad Pro CPU
The iPad Pro is a beast of a machine and with its new 64-bit A9X chip, it is essentially the fastest, most powerful tablet in the market. The iPad Pro is a must for those who are looking for a tablet with desktop-class CPU performance. Perhaps the neatest thing about this is that Apple has managed to upgrade the processing power and graphical capabilities of the iPad Pro without compromising battery life which is at 10 hours under normal use.

Largest and most gorgeous iPad screen yet

iPad Pro Games
Of course, you can’t talk about the iPad Pro without talking about its massive, gorgeous display. The iPad Pro features a 12.9-inch with a 2732 x 2048 (264 ppi) resolution, that’s roughly 5.6 million pixels. This is easily higher than just about any existing iOS device and beats even the Retina MacBook Pro. If you love playing games and watching HD-quality movies on your iPad, you can’t miss out on the iPad Pro. It sure doesn’t hurt that it has a brand-new four-speaker audio design as well.

The Apple Pencil

iPad Pro Apple Pencil
Unlike the previous iPads, the iPad Pro comes with a stylus pen called Apple Pencil. Well, that’s not exactly accurate since the Apple Pencil is sold separately for $99. This precision tool can be utilized for drawing and sketching which can really come in handy for pros like artists and graphic designers. The Apple Pencil makes full use of the iPad Pro’s new Multi-touch display.

Multi-tasking features

iPad Pro Multitasking iOS 9
iOS 9 has introduced brand-new ways to multi-task on the iPad. These multi-tasking features will surely get a lot of mileage with the iPad Pro’s bigger screen real estate. That goes without saying that the iPad Pro will let you do more within a certain time. On top of that, many iPad apps have been updated to support the feature, making it a joy for students and professionals to use this beast of a tablet.

Great for professionals

iPad Pro for Business
Are you always on the go but you hated having to take your MacBook with you? Well the iPad Pro provides a fair compromise since it’s smaller than your MacBook but still larger than most iPads. It’s ideal for doing work on the go and might just become your favorite travel companion.

The iPad Pro is clearly not for everyone, especially if you are already happy with the power and size of your current iPad. However, those who are looking for a bigger and meaner machine, the iPad Pro will surely not disappoint. Will you upgrade to an iPad Pro?

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