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Apple Has Stopped Signing iOS 9.0.2 – Downgrading From iOS 9.1 is Now Impossible

Downgrade iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2
As you might already know, Apple has rolled out iOS 9.1 over a week ago. As expected, Apple has patched out the exploits used by Pangu to jailbreak iOS 9, effectively killing the jailbreak with the latest update. On a related note, Apple has stopped signing iOS 9.0.2 which means that you can’t downgrade to it anymore. So if you’re still on iOS 9.1, there’s no way for you to jailbreak your device – at least for now.

If you go to the website, a useful site that gives real-time signing status of all iOS firmware files, you will see that Apple has stopped signing iOS 9.0.2. Green tick means that the firmware is still being signed while the red warning sign means the opposite.

Downgrading is done when one wants to revert to a previous firmware version. However, you can only downgrade to a firmware that’s still being signed by Apple. Previous versions may still be signed even with newer firmware but they only last about a week or so before Apple pulls the plug. There used to be tools like Redsn0w and iFaith that can be used to downgrade to unsigned firmware versions but such methods are no longer applicable.

So what does this mean for jailbreakers? With iOS 9.0.2 out of the downgrade table, you will not be able to revert to it. So if you are on iOS 9.1, then you have just missed your chance to jailbreak your device. Your only option left is to wait for the jailbreak teams to come up with an exploit for iOS 9.1.

Time and time again, we always warn our readers to refrain from updating to the latest firmware released by Apple if they want to keep their jailbreak or when they plans to do so. Almost always, Apple will kill the jailbreak with each update. Hopefully, the iOS 9.1 jailbreak is not that far into the future.

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