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How to Block Adult Websites on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

For many folks, handing their iPhone or iPad to their child may seem like an innocent enough act. After all, what else would they do apart from playing games and watching their favorite show or movie? Well, keep in mind that you’re not just handing down a phone or tablet, you are giving them key to limitless information – both the good and the not so appropriate for their age. You just don’t know which websites they could stumble upon. Today, we will teach you how to block adult websites on iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.

How to block adult websites on iPhone

1st Step: Set Restrictions via Settings

For your first step, go to Settings > General > Restrictions. If this is your first time using the Restriction option, you will be asked to set a 4-digit passcode. It doesn’t have to be the same as your phone passcode.
iPhone Restrictions
After accessing the Restriction settings, scroll down and tap Websites.
iPhone Restrictions Websites

2nd Step: Restricting Websites

Here, you can see three options: All Websites, Limit Adult Content and Specific Websites Only. The Limit Adult Content setting will block access pornographic and adult-themed websites (violence, gore etc.). If there’s a certain website that is still accessible after enabling this option, you can add it here.
iPhone Blocking Websites
On the other hand, the Specific Websites Only setting will let you create a list of websites that you think to be suitable. All other web content will be blocked with the exception of websites that are added to this list.
iPhone Specific Websites Only Setting

3rd Step: Try It Out

Of course, before handing your child the iPhone or iPad, you need to test whether your restrictions have worked. If they navigate to a block website, they will see the “restricted” message and if they tap Allow Website, they’ll be greeted with the passcode screen.
iPhone Website Filter
And that’s how you block adult websites on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Hope this helps!

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