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Final Fantasy VII for iOS Now Available for iPhone & iPad [iTunes Link]

Ask many people about their all-time favorite role-playing games and one particular title will surely be mentioned: Final Fantasy VII. When it was released back in 2007, Final Fantasy VII broke many grounds and opened up the mainstream gaming market for Japanese role-playing games or JRPGs. Good news for long-time (and new) fans of Final Fantasy VII because the game is now available on iOS.

Before we get all excited, this Final Fantasy VII is actually the iOS port as opposed to the remake that was announced during this year’s E3 – particularly it’s the port based on the PC version of Final Fantasy VII. So it’s basically the same game (in all it’s pixelated glory) with the following improvements for iOS:

  • Play using a simple and comfortable virtual controller designed not to obscure the action, choosing between virtual analogue or fixed 4-way digital control pad options. The opacity of on-screen controls can also be adjusted from the Config Menu.
  • Two new features to make play easier and more convenient! The iOS edition also includes an option to turn enemy encounters off on the world and area maps (will not skip event battles) and a Max Stats command to become all-powerful in the blink of an eye.

FF7 for iOS_0
FF7 for iOS_1
Even for a PS1 era game, this title of this caliber will require some fairly new hardware. To play Final Fantasy VII for iOS, you will need an iPhone 5S or later, iPad 3 or later, iPad mini 2 or later and all should be running on iOS 8. Otherwise, you can forget about playing this game because it will surely be a slow and choppy experience.
FF7 for iOS_2

FF7 for iOS_3
Although it’s not my personal favorite when it comes to Final Fantasy games, the seventh installment is one of the best games of all time and is a definite RPG classic. It’s great that iOS users will now be able to experience or re-experience this title on their devices. Final Fantasy VII for iOS is available via iTunes for $15.99.

Download Final Fantasy VII for iOS via iTunes for .99

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