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Cydia 1.1.23 Now Available – Features Support for Package Downgrades & More

With the new jailbreak dropping just recently, Saurik has become busy to update Cydia and provide a better user experience. First, he updated Cydia to version 1.1.19 which is a big deal because it now runs on mobile instead of root. Other improvements include the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements. Today, Saurik updated just released Cydia 1.1.23 and it’s a pretty significant update with a lot of great features.

Download Cydia 1.1.23
First, Cydia 1.1.23 will now allow users to downgrade their installed packages. There are instances that you will regret updating your Cydia tweaks to the newest version because it’s unstable or simply won’t work. Now, you can downgrade any earlier version of your installed packages provided that it’s available in the repository.

Now, not only will Cydia allow you to downgrade to the "current" version, but it also allows downgrading to any previous version that is available on the repository. Going forward, I will leave previous versions online for some time while users are able to sort out issues.

The second Cydia feature is inspired by TweakHub. This basically enables you to browse packages that are available for the iOS apps that you installed in your device. On the Cydia home page, you will see the new option called “Find Extensions for Applications”.

The idea: automatically determine what applications a Substrate extension is designed to modify, and use that to provide categorized lists based on the iOS applications you have installed.

If you see a blank application list tab, Saurik has provided a fix over at Reddit:

To the people who had a blank application list tab: if an application somehow was sort of installed but didn't have a name (some downloading icons did this), the feature would die; I pushed a new update to the page, which you should be able to get by reloading the home page (you will get a red loading bar for the offline app).

To update to Cydia 1.1.23, just launch Cydia and head to the Changes tab and install. Are you excited for these new Cydia features?

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