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Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8.4 Jailbreak

Shortly after Apple had officially released iOS 8.4, the TaiG team was quick on the case and released the appropriate tool to jailbreak the latest firmware update. If you haven’t jailbroken iOS 8.4 yet, you can use our comprehensive guide. With that said, after jailbreaking it is only natural that you will install some of the must-have tweaks Cydia can offer. Here are some of the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 8.4 that you should check out.

Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8.4

Springtomize 3

For seasoned jailbreak users, Springtomize requires little to no introduction. Springtomize 3 was recently updated to iOS 8.4. For the uninitiated, this tweak will let you customize the look and feel of just about every element of iOS such as the Control Center, Dock, Folders, Icons, Lock Screen and more. While it’s not yet bug-free, for the most part, Springtomize 3 is stable.
Springtomize 3 Best Cydia Tweaks iOS 8.4


I don’t know about you but F.lux is one of the first jailbreak tweaks that I install. If you like taking your iPhone with you in bed, then F.lux is a must-have. The iPhone’s bright screen is straining your eye and makes it difficult for you to sleep. F.lux fixes that by getting rid of the harsh blue hue in favor of a warmer color temperature. Still on beta on iOS 8.4 but it looks to be quite stable now. Get F.lux by adding this repo: “”.
F.lux Best Cydia Tweaks iOS 8.4


Activator is yet another essential tweak for jailbreak users, especially if you love automation and shortcuts for a faster iOS experience. Created by none other than Ryan Petrich, Activator adds centralized gestures, button and shortcut management for iOS. For example, using a customized gesture, you can lock / unlock your device, play the next music track or even shutdown your device. Activator is also on beta on iOS 8.4 but it seems to be quite stable. Get it via “” repository.
Activator Best Cydia Tweaks iOS 8.4


Rearranging icons on iOS can be rather tedious since you need to go into edit mode and drag/drop icons one at a time. With MultiIconMover+, you can simply select the icons you need to move, go to the page where you intend to move them and just tap the Home button to move all the selected icons. This tweak also works with moving icons from folders. It adds a great deal of convenience if like to organize your icons.
MultiIconMover+ Best Cydia Tweaks iOS 8.4


Considered one of the best TouchID jailbreak tweaks, BioLockDown is yet another creation of Ryan Petrich so you rest assured with regards to quality. Aside from locking down your apps, BioLockDown can also TouchID-protect your Control Center toggles and various settings. This one’s an essential if you have a TouchID capable device.
BioLockdown Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8.4


Barrel is certainly one of the coolest jailbreak tweaks there is. There is this “cool” factor that you can show to your family and friends. Basically, Barrel adds graphical effects whenever you scroll through your icon pages. It’s been reported to work great with iOS 8.4.
Barrel Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8.4


The default power off screen on iOS 8 (accessed by long-pressing the power/sleep button) only gives you one option and that is to only turn off the device. BetterPowerDown remedies that by adding extra options like Slide to Reboot and Slide to Respring. It’s a fairly simple tweak but it certainly solves a significant iOS annoyance.
BetterPowerDown Best Cydia Tweaks iOS 8.4


NoSlowAnimations is yet another must-have tweak that will add a great deal of snappiness when using your iPhone. What it does is that it speeds up all animations and transition effects.


CleverPin adds a smarter passcode system to your iDevice. When you are connected to a trusted WiFi network, it automatically disables your passcode so you won’t be asked every time even if you’re at home.
CleverPin Best Cydia Tweaks iOS 8.4


Not too thrilled with your carrier logo? Well, it’s good that Zeppelin can change it into something a lot cooler like the Dark Knight logo, maybe? You can also hide your carrier’s logo using this tweak.
Zeppelin Best Cydia Tweaks iOS 8.4
And there you go, some of the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 8.4. Any other jailbreak tweaks that you think deserve to be on this list?

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