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Add Top Charts For Paid & Free Tweaks in Cydia With Indulge Tweak

By default, Cydia displays a couple of packages that are recommended for new Cydia users, labeled as “Featured.” However, don’t you wish that things were more like the App Store where top paid and free Cydia tweaks and apps are displayed? Cydia developer Steven Rolfe has brought to us a tweak that does exactly that.

Indulge Tweak on Cydia_0
Indulge is a new jailbreak tweak from Steven Rolfe that adds a new tab to Cydia that reads ‘Top Rated’. Once installed, you will see notice that the ‘Top Rated’ tab has replaced the default ‘More’ tab. This tab will show the current top packages both for ‘Paid’ and ‘Free’ categories which you can toggle back and forth using the tabs located at the top. It’s worth noting that it’s very similar to how top apps are displayed on the home page of App Store. Each category will display about 20 packages along with their short descriptions. Tapping on a tweak will take you to its Details page where you can install or purchase it.

Indulge keeps its top charts up-to-date by collecting tweak installation data from Cydia users. So by installing Indulge, you basically opt-in to send your tweak installation date (anonymously of course) to the developer’s server in order to generate the reports. With more people installing the Indulge tweak, the more accurate the top charts will become.

Since it’s still in beta, the Indulge tweak can be installed by adding the developer’s repo to Cydia: Indulge is a great jailbreak tweak if you are the kind of user who’s always in the lookout for new tweaks to install on your device. What do you think of this Cydia tweak?

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