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Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life in iOS 8 With Power Saver Mode Tweak

One of the most noteworthy features of iOS 9 is the new Low Power Mode which extends the iPhone’s battery by minimizing performance and disabling a couple of background activities like Background App Refresh, Mail Fetch and more. It’s a very useful feature if you are about to run out of juice with no immediate access to a charger. With iOS 8.3 jailbreak being available, there’s a new jailbreak tweak that adds a similar feature on iOS 8.

Power Saving Mode Jailbreak Tweak
This new battery-saving tweak is called Power Saver Mode which aims to mimic iOS 9’s Low Power Mode but with a slightly different approach. Once enabled, this tweak will turn Increase Contrast and Reduce Motion features. Additionally, Background App Refresh, Location Services and Cellular Data (if you’re connected to a WiFi network) will be disabled.

You’ll know that the tweak is enabled because it will turn the color of the battery icon on the Status Bar to yellow which is similar to iOS 9’s Low Power Mode. Once you have plugged your device to a power source, the tweak will be automatically disabled. You can enable the tweak by navigating to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage, then find the option called ‘Power Saving Mode’.

You are also given the option to enable / disable each of the features of Power Saver Mode which is neat for customization. You can also find other features like disabling Bluetooth, disabling auto-brightness, disabling auto-downloads and more.

To download the Power Saver Mode tweak, you will need to add a special repo which is After adding the Cydia source, just search for ‘Power Saving Mode’ and install it.

What do you think of this power-saving tweak?

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