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iOS 9 Wishlist: Ten Features We Want For Apple’s Next-Gen iOS

With WWDC 2015 just around the corner, it’s fair to expect that we will get to see some teaser about iOS 9. After all, WWDC is a software-focused keynote (although iOS 8.4 may take the center stage). Apple has confirmed that WWDC 2015 will take place on June 8 to 12 in San Francisco. So what changes and features will be included in iOS 9? Well, your guess is as good as mine. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t hope.

iOS 9 Wishlist
Below is our iOS 9 wishlist of features and changes that we hope will be included in Apple’s next mobile operating system.

Searchable Settings menu

Searchable Settings iOS 9
The iOS Settings app is huge and with each iteration of the system, more items are being added to settings menu. This results in a rather convoluted configuration system where some options are buried deep and requires the user to dig around before finding what they want. In iOS 9, we hope that Apple adds the ability to search the Settings App.

Password-protected apps

Password-Protected Apps iOS 9
Some developers include the ability to password protect their apps which is always a good security measure. It would be great if iOS 9 will let users natively password or Touch ID protect any apps, whether it’s stock or third-party. This is especially useful for Messages, Photos, and other information sensitive apps.

Improved Siri

Improved Siri iOS 9
While Siri has been highly improved since its inception, it’s still pretty much a glorified question-and-answer app. Siri could always use some more improvements. At the top of our head, it would be nice if Siri could be more proactive, just like an actual virtual assistant. For starters, the app should have an actual memory so it can interact with other apps and remember your personal preferences.

Better iOS Maps

Improved iOS Maps iOS 9
Remember when iOS Maps had a rather disastrous launch? Well, things have improved a lot for iOS Maps including better and more accurate information. It could use more features though such as public transport directions and indoor mapping which is already found in other map apps like Google Maps.

Set Third-Party apps as default

Set Third-Party apps as default iOS 9
Here’s a feature that has been requested for god knows how long. Can we have the ability to set third-party apps as default, pretty please Apple? While most iOS stock apps are solid on their own, there are third-party apps that are better or more preferred by many users. Considering how Apple likes its stock apps, this wishlist item is very unlikely but here’s hoping!

Ability to hide stock apps

Ability to hide stock apps iOS 9
We all know that Apple won’t let us uninstall stock apps that we’ll never use but at least give us the option to hide them. Such apps will only clutter the home screen and will only end up in a folder labeled “Useless.”

Expanded interface shortcuts

Expanded interface shortcuts iOS 9
Apple did a great job by introducing the Control Center which houses some of the most used toggles. It would be great to see interface shortcuts to be expanded more. For example, holding down the Wi-Fi toggle will bring up an interface that will let us choose which network to connect to. Another one is when holding down the Bluetooth toggle will bring us to the Bluetooth menu. It would also be great if Apple will let us customize which toggles to have within the Control Center.

Better stability and performance

Better stability and performance iOS 9
It’s safe to say that most people love a butter smooth iOS experience. For some reason, iOS 8 continues to crash more compared to iOS 7 – the former has a 2.2% crash rate while the latter has 1.9%. This one seems to be a done deal since there are reports saying that iOS 9 will receive a lot of under-the-hood attention which hopefully results in a more stable and faster iOS.

Better battery-saving options

Better battery-saving options iOS 9
With each software versions of iOS, battery life has always been a concern for most users. Hopefully with iOS 9, we are given more power-saving options in the form of features and preference toggles.

System-wide “Night mode”

System-wide “Night mode” iOS 9
We hope iOS 9 gives us the option to enable a system-wide Night mode for a better iOS experience when using at night. Reducing the screen’s brightness just doesn’t cut it anymore. It will also be ideal if you can automatically activate / disable Night mode during certain times.

These are our iOS 9 wishlist and hopefully Apple is taking notes. So, what features do you wish to see for the upcoming iOS 9?

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