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iOS 9 Preview: All Things You Need to Know About Apple’s Next-Gen iOS

If you have been keeping up with all things Apple, then you will know that the company’s World Wide Developer Conference has just been concluded. Of course, the main draw of the conference is Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 9. Missed out on WWDC 2015? Well fortunately for you, we have rounded up some of the most noteworthy information about iOS 9.

Apple iOS 9

Siri Goes Proactive

Siri iOS 9
Do you actually use Siri? If not, then iOS 9 will surely give you plenty of reasons to use Apple’s virtual assistant. iOS 9’s headline feature is intelligence. Siri will not only get a new interface, she will also return with a new bag of tricks. With the new Proactive Assistant functionality, Siri will now learn your behavior and predict the things you might be interested in based on how you use your iPhone.

For example, Siri can now suggest apps you might be interested in, start up Music as soon as you plug your headphones, and provide caller ID suggestions for unknown calls. What do you know; this is one feature we asked during our previous iOS 9 wishlist write-up.

Smarter Search

iOS 9 Search
In addition to Siri going proactive, the app’s suggestions are not integrated with Spotlight searches. However, that’s not just the extent of things when we say that iOS 9 will have smarter search functionality. With iOS 9, searches are now deep-linked with applications. That’s right, developers will now access to API that will enable users to search within apps on their iPhone or iPad – all from the Spotlight search. From there, you can jump right into the app using the item you’ve searched for.

Split Screen Multi-Tasking for iPad

Finally with iOS 9, one of the most requested features is now available on the iPad. What can finally be called true multi-tasking, this new functionality comes in three flavors: Split View, SlideOver, and picture-in-picture.

  • Split View – this is the mode where two apps run side by side, each using 50% of the screen real estate. You can even drag and drop between the two running apps which is nothing short of great. However, it’s been noted that this mode is only available for the iPad 2 and later.
  • iOS 9 Split View

  • Slide Over – this mode enables the user to pull in compatible apps and use 30% of the screen while the main app runs and occupy the rest of the larger screen. This works on the iPad Air and other iPad mini models.
  • iOS 9 Slide Over

  • Picture-in-picture – is exactly how it sounds like. While you are using the main app, you can have a video playing and taking up a small portion of the screen. Also works with the original iPad Air and iPad mini.
  • iOS 9 Picture in Picture

Improved Maps

iOS 9 Maps
Apple Maps can always use an upgrade and improvements. But of course, Apple knows that which is why iOS 9 Maps is given a features boost. Apple says that aside from being more accurate than ever, iOS 9 Maps will now include public transport routes for many major cities around the world including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC, Toronto, London, Berlin and more cities will be added later. This is what Apple Maps need in order to compete with the likes of Google Maps and CityMapper.

Apple’s Own Flipboard

iOS 9 News App
One new app that’s added to iOS 9 and worth mentioning is News, which is Apple’s answer to the hugely popular news-reading app, Flipboard. For the uninitiated, News will enable users to archive news and articles and display them in an intuitive and attractive manner.

Interestingly, News can also learn from your learning habits and interests. Articles displayed in News will have interactive elements and embedded graphics but still preserve the style of the source publication. Just another way that proves that Apple is taking a stronger approach to the iOS media experience.

Tweaks to the Keyboard

iOS 9 Keyboard
Apple's QuickType keyboard will make a triumphant return in iOS 9 and it will be better than ever, especially on the iPad. For starters, a new shortcut bar will be added which makes for a convenient text editing tool. However, the main draw of this feature is the addition of Multi-Touch gestures which enables you to turn the keyboard into a trackpad, allowing for easier text selection and the like. Combine this with the iPad’s split-screen multi-tasking mode, your productivity will go through the roof.

Better Battery Life

Better battery-saving options iOS 9
People have been clamoring for better battery life for as long as we can remember and it seems that Apple has been taking notes. It has been long rumored that Apple has been working to make iOS 9 the most power-efficient OS in the history of the company. In addition, a new low power mode will be added that can extend the battery life of your nearly depleted iPhone or iPad for up to three hours.

What’s the Size?

When iOS 8 dropped, people were outraged because the then new OS takes up a whopping 4.6 gigabyte of space. It seems that Apple doesn’t want to repeat the outrage because iOS 9’s size only amounts to a mere 1.3 gigabytes.

Which iDevices Are iOS 9 Compatible?

iOS 9 Compatible Devices
Owners of older iDevices are always worried that their iPhone or iPad will not be compatible with the upcoming iOS. Well good news for you, no devices will be dropped with iOS 9. This means that owners of older devices like the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 will still be able to upgrade to iOS 9.

How Can I Get iOS 9?

iOS 9 will be available for the general public this coming fall. However, there’s a public beta coming this July. If you are interested in signing up with this public beta, you can do so right here.

So what do you think of iOS 9? Are you excited for this upcoming iOS? Let us know in the comments section.

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