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How to Remove Safari Favorites From iPhone & iPad

Have you recently opened the Safari app on your iPhone or iPad only to find that it has turned into a cluttered mess? While Safari’s bookmark function is certainly useful, it’s easy to get carried away and go trigger-happy with the Favorites button. Remember the time when you were obsessed with a certain viral video or when you have saved that tutorial on how to jailbreak your old iPhone? For sure, you can do without your old bookmarks, especially when it means that clutter will be reduced. Good thing is, removing Safari Favorites on iOS 8 is very easy.

How to Remove Safari Favorites on iOS 8

How to Remove Safari Favorites on iOS 8:

  1. Launch Safari. You will either be brought to the last page you’ve browsed or that very same cluttered Favorites page that’s due for a Spring cleaning.
  2. Safari iOS 8 Start-up

  3. Tap on the bookmark icon located at the bottom of the screen (the icon that looks like an open book).
  4. Safari iOS 8 Bookmarks

  5. Tap on “Favorites”. It’s worth noting that there are several pages here at the Bookmarks page. These are actually your bookmarked websites from desktop Safari. If you wish, you can start cleaning up these pages but keep in mind that this step won’t have an effect on our goal to clean up your Favorites.
  6. Safari iOS 8 Favorites

  7. At the Favorites screen, tap the “Edit” button which is located at the bottom-right section of the screen.
  8. Safari iOS 8 Edit Bookmarks

  9. At this point, you can now delete or sort your bookmarks. To delete a bookmarked site, simply tap the red ‘minus’ button found next to the website you wish to remove. After removal of some sites, you can easily sort your favorites list by dragging and dropping the 3 horizontal-lined tabs next to the associated website.
  10. Safari iOS 8 Remove Favorites

After deleting and arranging the websites, you should see the changes on Safari’s start-up / Favorites screen. And just like that, your Safari Favorites should now be clutter-free which could translate to a better overall experience while using the app. It certainly won’t hurt if you perform these steps on how to remove Safari favorites from time to time.

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