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Top Reasons Why We Need The Apple Watch Jailbreak

A week ago, Apple just released their newest wearable tech – the Apple Watch. And just like with the past releases of new Apple gadgets, there are many people who are already talking about the possibility of jailbreaking the Apple Watch. We’ve seen jailbreak hackers and developers mention the Apple Watch jailbreak, and the same goes with many users. So why are we excited with the Apple Watch jailbreak? Well, here are some reasons that we can think about.

Apple Watch Jailbreak

Personalized watch faces

The Apple Watch comes with some pretty good stock watch faces. However, these stock faces are simply way too limited. With an Apple Watch jailbreak, being able to install and use customized watch faces shouldn’t be much of a problem. After all, jailbreaking is all about customization and having customized faces can be rather exciting.

Native apps

As of now, most third-party Apple Watch apps are essentially extensions or companions of the main iPhone apps. These apps are not running on the watch itself and will have to constantly communicate with the iPhone in order to function. Because of this, using these apps on the watch can be slow or they’re limited in use.

Having the ability to install native apps from Cydia developers can mitigate the speed problem and can lead to other great possibilities; like being able to listen to a podcast app natively without the need to pair it with your iPhone.

Tweaks to help enhance battery life

It’s good that Apple has provided some options to enhance the Apple Watch’s battery life like the Power Reserve mode. However, the Power Reserve mode can be a little extreme. With an Apple Watch jailbreak, we could have battery enhancing tweaks that will allow us to disable certain battery-draining features. More control means that you can fine tune your gadget to get the best battery life for the Apple Watch.

Custom themes

Having custom watch faces is good but why not go all the way? If the Apple Watch can be jailbroken, it’s likely that we’ll get to custom themes similar to the ones with Winterboard. We want full-fledged custom themes that will change the look and feel of the Apple Watch’s interface.

Custom complications

The Apple watch has individual elements called complications which the user can add or customize at will. These elements present certain information such as the Date, Weather, Moon phase, Timer, Stopwatch, World Clock and many others. It’s safe to say that Cydia developers can think of creative ways to tap into the potential of custom complications.

As of this writing, there’s no ETA for the iOS 8.3 or 8.4 jailbreak. So we can only imagine that the Apple Watch jailbreak is not coming anytime soon. But who knows? With enough people expressing interest, we might see the Apple Watch jailbreak sooner rather than later.

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