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How to Hide The WhatsApp Message Preview on iPhone? [Quick Tip]

With the introduction of free instant messaging apps, more and more people have found themselves using them. In fact, when was the last time have you used your phone’s SMS function to communicate with friends and family? And when it comes to free instant messaging apps, WhatsApp is arguably the one of the most popular applications out there. With the app’s usage going at an all-time high, many security features have been added. One of them is the ability to hide the WhatsApp message preview.

How to Hide The WhatsApp Message Preview on iPhone
Whenever you receive a WhatsApp message, a preview text will be displayed with the notifications. Obviously if you value your privacy, you wouldn’t want to have that WhatsApp message preview when you’re around friends, family or co-workers. It’s a good thing that it’s quite easy to hide the WhatsApp message preview on iPhone.

How to Hide The WhatsApp Message Preview on iPhone:

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Settings button which is located on the bottom-right of the interface.
  3. WhatsApp Settings

  4. Tap Notifications.
  5. WhatsApp Settings Notifications

  6. Look for the Show Preview option and toggle the switch to disable the message preview.
  7. WhatsApp Settings Show Preview

And that’s pretty much it! With these simple tips, there should be no more preview displayed on the notifications whenever you receive a WhatsApp message. To enable the message preview, simple follow the steps again and toggle the Show Preview to ON (green).

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