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How to Check iPhone’s Battery Life From Apple Watch?

At this point, you know that the Apple Watch pretty much works like the extension of your iPhone. Sure, the gadget can certainly open up to new possibilities via jailbreaking, but I digress. With the way how the Apple Watch works now, won’t it be nice to be able to check iPhone’s battery life from Apple Watch? This feature seems to be a missed opportunity for Apple. Fortunately, someone has already addressed this concern with a great app.

Battery Watcher App
Kelly Pangburn has developed a really useful app called Battery Watcher which works exactly as you might expect: quickly and easily check the iPhone’s battery life from your Apple Watch. Here’s a quick guide on how to check iPhone’s battery life from Apple Watch:

  1. Download and install the Battery Watcher app from the App Store (iTunes link). Sure, there are other apps with the same functionality but I prefer Battery Watcher for keeping it simple, non-bloated and bare-bones.
  2. Enable the Battery Watch app on your Apple Watch. Access the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, scroll a bit down and look for BW and tap it. Make sure to enable "Show App on Apple Watch" and for even quicker access to your battery level, enable "Show in Glances" as well.
  3. Set up the Battery Watcher app. Open the app on your iPhone and take a look at its Settings. As mentioned, this app has kept things very simple so there’s not much to tinker with here. You can choose to display or hide information like Standby, Internet and Talk time.
  4. How to Check iPhone's Battery Life From Apple Watch

  5. Check the iPhone’s battery level on your watch. On your Apple Watch, launch the BW app to view your battery percentage along with other information. With “Glances” you can simply lift up your wrist to check the battery level. Note that “Glances” will only display the battery percentage.
  6. Battery Watcher App_0

There’s a good chance that Apple will include this feature in the future. However for the meantime, you can use this method to check your iPhone’s battery level from your Apple Watch.

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